1. "Just a couple of heterosexual guys sitting on their front sunporch sipping their cocktails and listening to musical soundtracks. Smashing stereotypes since 1979. Jazz hands."
  2. "Someone left the cake out in the rain."
  3. "I long for the days of frosted tips."
  4. "I’m watching Forrest Gump—and I just pictured myself in Vietnam, running back into the jungle save Cat."

About me

It's not a blog. I have a journal. Blogs are for jerks and losers. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my young adult novel about a 17 year old cryogenically frozen girl who is hell bent on solving the mystery of her premature thaw, 50 years before her spaceship completes its 3 century long trip to her new home planet, Centauri-Earth.




Wolves of the Calla
American Gods
The Rules of Attraction